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Crystal Clear Kit

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Is Vision Glass Polish safe for use on tinted windows?

Yes. Although using abrasives on window tinting films will usually lead to surface scratching and noticeable defects (and wouldn’t be recommended), the extremely fine abrasives used in Vision Glass Polish have been specifically selected to be gentle enough to not damage these relatively sensitive surfaces. It is worth noting however, that Vision is a polishing and cleansing product (containing deep-cleaning agents as well as abrasives) that should only be utilised where it’s needed, and for the most part that will be on the exterior glass where you’ll find the vast majority - if not all - of the staining and light scratches you’ll be looking to remove during your detail. Window tinting films are typically applied to the inside of the glass, an area that doesn’t often need intense polishing for purposes of defect and bonded contaminant removal, a good quality non-abrasive product is usually sufficient for cleaning these areas. Essentially, being an interior surface and little more than a vinyl layer over the top of your glass, tinting films typically suffer from greasy fingerprints, light dust, sticky films from coughs and tobacco residue and other minor contamination, all these can be quickly and effectively taken care of using a safe, solvent-based glass cleaner, such as Crystal Glass Cleaner, with just a spray and a wipe.     

What’s the difference between a waffle cloth for glass and a traditional microfibre cloth?

All-purpose microfibre cloths – such as our 400x400mm, 300GSM, Microfibre Work Cloths and Work Cloth Trio – are great all-rounders, suitable for a multitude of cleaning and finishing tasks in and around your vehicle. These super-soft items can be used to great effect with the vast majority of detailing and valeting products, and this includes Crystal Glass Cleaner and Vision Glass Polish. The difference with our Glass Waffle and Superior Waffle though, is that they’re specifically designed to be the ultimate premium towels for cleaning and polishing glass. The special waffle wave pattern not only significantly increases the useable microfibre surface area, helping to increase the absorption, making them ideal for use with spray-on ‘wet’ products. But it also creates pockets between the weave which help to safely trap more grime, debris and polish residues, locking them deep within the cloth and, most importantly keeping them away from the surface. In this way our waffle cloths are ideal for safe grime removal using Crystal Glass Cleaner and for deep-cleaning and more intensive polishing tasks with Vision Glass Polish, making it quicker and easier to get a smear and streak-free finish every time you clean, deep-clean or restore your vehicle glass. For more information on all types of microfibre cloths, and what they’re best used for, see our full guide – Microfibre Car Cloths - Getting The Right Towel For The Job

Can Vision Glass Polish be applied with a machine polisher?

Yes, a machine polisher, such as our MPX and DPX Dual Action Polishers, will take out some of the elbow grease when using any hand polishing product, and you’ll always get consistent, professional results. Unlike products that are for machine polishing only, any polish that’s designed to be applied by hand will contain fine abrasives that can be broken down relatively easily without a polisher (as opposed to heavy compounds that rely on the machine to fully work through), making them suitable for hand polishing. But, for minimal effort, and increased consistency over multiple windows, especially when performing multiple treatments, machine polishing with Vision Glass Polish is a great way to give tired glass a new lease of life. With this product we’d recommend using a soft, Revitalise No:3 Refining Pad or the equivalent red 3-inch Revitalise Spot Pad, a low speed setting, and slow passes.      

Can this product remove fine scratches?

Vision Glass Polish will certainly remove fine scratches and - in a way - so will Crystal Glass Cleaner. Scratch removal requires an abrasive polish to ‘level down’ the surface to the bottom of the deepest defect, until that defect disappears. In the same way as correcting swirl marks and other blemishes in paintwork, these defects aren’t removed directly, the entire area around them is taken away until the defect vanishes. Crystal isn’t an abrasive product, so it will not level down any surface in this way, in fact, it’s specifically developed not to, making it safe for regular use on sensitive surfaces such as polycarbonate motorsport windows and tinting films. But, while Crystal doesn’t physically remove scratches through abrasion, it can fill light scratches, obscuring them to the eye, essentially removing them from your vision. For the physical removal of fine scratches though, and removing the most stubborn stains, we recommend using Vision Glass Polish which contains light abrasives specifically for this task.    

Crystal Clear Kit

The Crystal Clear cleaning kit is the quick and easy way to smear-free glass, from Auto Finesse® Our Crystal Clear cleaning kit features the perfect mix of products to get a clean, smear-free finish to glass surfaces.

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Categories: Polish
Product Type: Glass Cleaning Kit
Product Code: CCK

 Crystal Clear kit 

The must have of car cleaning kits features the perfect mix of products to get a clean, smear-free finish to glass surfaces. Sometimes simply cleaning just isn’t enough. Our window cleaning kit features the cleaner required to get the perfect base for our Vision polish. Vision will iron out any mild imperfections or light scratches leaving the best finish possible to all glass surfaces.

The Crystal cleaning kit includes the following:

1 x 500m Vision glass polish – RRP. £11.95

The Auto Finesse® Vision glass polish is a specially-formulated advanced formula, which removes any stubborn stains from glass which aren’t easily removed with cleaners. Our Vision glass polish smooths out mild imperfections in the glass’ surface. Vision is also safe to use on tints and chrome. Simply apply a couple of small drops to a microfibre applicator and work into the glass’ surface using light pressure. Once a panel is covered, buff off using a fresh microfibre towel. Avoid contact with plastic and rubber components.

1 x 500ml Crystal glass cleaner – RRP. £9.95

Our glass cleaner Crystal is the absolute must for smear-free glass. The alcohol-based solution is highly concentrated and features balanced distilled solvents to smooth over any possible imperfections that may be present. It’s also gentle enough to use on all manner of glass, as well as sensitive tints and acrylic and polycarbonate windows often used in racing. Ensuring the glass is clean upon application, apply a fine mist of Crystal to a manageable section of glass and remove immediately using a short pile microfibre towel. Once removed, fold the towel over to reveal a fresh side to buff off revealing a Crystal-clear finish. Auto Finesse® Crystal can also be used in conjunction with glass sealants.

1 x Glass Waffle Cloth – RRP. £4.95

The Glass Waffle Cloth is the perfect companion for any glass work. Its weave fibre construction is the ultimate drying towel for a streak-free finish to any glass surface. It’s easy to fold and fold again revealing a fresh side when drying. Further aiding a smear-free buff off.

400mm x 600mm

1 x Microfibre applicator – RRP. £1.25

This Microfibre Applicator has been designed to be the perfect handheld tool for applying our specialist car care products. The microfibre applicator is a soft pad used to apply products such as Rejuvenate and any of our polishes. Suitable for use on paintwork, glass and leather, they’re a versatile must have in any detailer’s kit.

120mm diameter x 200mm thick


  • Total Size: H 200.00mm x W 300.00mm x D 300.00mm
  • Weight: 1,200.00g

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