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Ultra-advanced protection products designed to deoxidise, deep-clean and protect all kinds of vehicle paintwork.

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Microfibre Cloths - (Pack of 3)

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Microfibre Polishing Pads
Microfibre Applicators - (Pack of 3)
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Cleaning and Waxing: Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with Cleaner Waxes from Auto Finesse!

We recognise the plight of every car care enthusiast and professional detailer as they struggle through deep-cleaning, refining, glazing and paintwork protection using traditional detailing products. But we are here with the best solution. Allow us to introduce you to our collection of cleaner waxes and professional application accessories.

Cleaner waxes give the best of both worlds, they clean away paint oxidation and they protect surfaces, but our advanced products go even further than this, they also come with ‘easy on, easy off’ application, so you can experience the speediest polishing ever.

Our flagship Tripple All-in-One Polish is an exclusive triple-action cleaner wax that cleans, glazes, refines and protects, playing three distinct roles of a cleaner wax, a cleaner polish and a polishing wax. Infused with deep-cleansing solvents, paint glazes and advanced diminishing abrasives this next-generation car polish, cleans away blemishes and oxidation, restores and refines paintwork to flawless, while adding plenty of deep, gloss along the way. But that’s not all, Tripple also contains Brazilian T-1 Grade Carnauba Wax to leave behind a glossy protection layer that lasts up to 4-weeks.

Experience the difference with Tripple All-in-One Polish, the ultimate must-have for speedy detailers.

Top-Rated Cleaner Wax and Car Cleaning Accessories for Eye-Dazzling Results

Be it light oxidation or blemishes, our wax-based protection products and associated accessories are here to eliminate your detailing woes in a single application. Let’s introduce you to some of the detailing kitbag essentials in our range:

Cleaner Wax: Speed up car polishing processes with our advanced cleaner wax. We recommend Tripple All-in-One Polish for enhancements, light correction, deep-cleaning and refinements when hand polishing or machine polishing. Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1-litre bottles, Tripple is capable of eliminating stubborn oxidation and stains in a single application. This advanced cleaner polish also addresses minor swirl marks with the double action of refining surfaces with advanced diminishing abrasives, along with ultra-slick film formers and specialised glazing agents which fill and obscure their appearance. Tripple also leaves behind an ultra-glossy wax protection layer that lasts for up to 4-weeks.

  • Microfibre Work Cloths: Essential for every detail our super soft, scratch-free microfibre Work Cloths are suitable for a wide range of cleaning and detailing tasks. These are a true kitbag staple and ideal for wax and polish residue removal. Choose from our Work Cloth 3 Pack in white, our white, teal and grey Work Cloth Trio or our 24 Premium Cloth and 50 Disposable Cloth Boxes.
  • Microfibre Polish Pads: Our super-soft, premium Microfiber Polish Pads are exactly what you need when applying paintwork cleaners, polishes and glazes. We supply two in each pack to offer complete ergonomic control over every task.
  • Microfibre Applicators: Our dual sided Microfibre Applicators come in a pack of two and are ideal for a range of polishing and dressing processes. We also stock our Microfibre Spot Pad, the best accessory for getting even more bite when hand polishing.
  • Foam Applicator Puck: Designed ergonomically, our Handi Puck promises more control over many detailing tasks, including cleaning, polishing and the application of dressings and waxes. Compatible with many 3-inch hook and loop accessories, including our Wax Spot Pad, Scrubi Spot Pad, Microfibre Spot Pad and our Revitalise Spot Pads, the Handi Puck system is hard to beat.

Save time and effort on waxing and paint restoration by using car cleaner waxes from Auto Finesse. Our products are extremely popular due to their effectiveness in removing oxidation, correcting minor defects and restoring faded paintwork. The secret is in our advanced ingredients, such as deep-cleaning solvents, special glazing oils and quick-acting diminishing abrasives. Experience the difference today!

A Complete Range of Cleaner Wax and Accessories Awaits You!

Polish and protect your car exterior in one step with our time-saving products. With the advanced properties of our car wax and paintwork cleaners, we strive to enhance the finish of your ride and add extreme gloss. Browse online and enjoy free shipping, premier support, hassle-free payment choices and, above all, the assurance of purchasing 5-star-rated car care items. We supply the full A-Z of car paintwork cleaning and protection products and accessories, including ultra-advanced cleaner waxes and microfibre or foam applicators for your convenience. Take a look today.